Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Please stand by....

We are experiencing technical difficulties....

Polishes used: 
Whirlwind White- Sally Hansen
Black Satin- Rimmel
Wet Cement- Sally Hansen
Wanna Be Your Sunshine- Essence
Electric Beat- China Glaze
Sub-Lime- Piggy Polish
Dim Sum Plum- OPI
Red Flare- Orly
Blue It- Sally Hansen
(Pretty sure that is the longest list in the history of my blog!)

I have NO idea where the inspiration for this one comes from, it just popped into my head and I love taking on a challenging manicure that I have never seen done before.

It's not perfect but I'm pretty happy with it. The black and white nails are supposed to be a snowy TV, does that read or did you think it was just random?

Thank you for reading and please comment! I love reading what you have to say. : )


  1. Ha! This is awesome, I love it!!!

  2. This mani is so unique and looks really cool! Love!


  3. This is an awesome idea! Absolutely one of te coolest manicures
    I've ever seen!

    1. Wow, thank you! What a compliment!

  4. I am old enough to remember back in the day when TV stopped at 2AM and this was all you saw! THis is giving me flashbacks!! Nicely done!