Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Problems With Piggy....

Firstly, let me start out by saying that I am a firm believer of the old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" but I also want to want fellow polish enthusiasts about my experiences with Piggy Polish.

My first experience was a disaster. I had tried "Lemonade 5 Cents" and THIS happened:

Look at how clear that stain line is!!

 Completely stained. (I also want to note that I was using a quality base coat at the time.)

No amount of scrubbing or buffing helped, and as of now it has grown half way out, but I literally look jaundice when I am not wearing nail polish. 

After this happened I wrote to the company about the problem and I didn't get a single response.

I figured maybe I was just really unlucky and decided to give Piggy Polish a second try and used it in my last manicure, (Sub-Lime). Well now I have a sexy little green stain right down the center of my middle finger, so I decided to finally blog about it and warn people. 

I also could not bring them back to a store to get a refund because they were purchased on a blog sale, (the blog will go un-named) but I sincerely hope she didn't know what these polishes would do to me once she sold them. I have had several transaction with her and they were always great.

Anyone else have staining problems with Piggy Polish?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Please stand by....

We are experiencing technical difficulties....

Polishes used: 
Whirlwind White- Sally Hansen
Black Satin- Rimmel
Wet Cement- Sally Hansen
Wanna Be Your Sunshine- Essence
Electric Beat- China Glaze
Sub-Lime- Piggy Polish
Dim Sum Plum- OPI
Red Flare- Orly
Blue It- Sally Hansen
(Pretty sure that is the longest list in the history of my blog!)

I have NO idea where the inspiration for this one comes from, it just popped into my head and I love taking on a challenging manicure that I have never seen done before.

It's not perfect but I'm pretty happy with it. The black and white nails are supposed to be a snowy TV, does that read or did you think it was just random?

Thank you for reading and please comment! I love reading what you have to say. : )

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Burgundy + Gold Tips!

Polishes used:
Royal Rajah Ruby- OPI
Glitz & Glamor- Orly

I'm pretty uncreative when it comes to tips, and I have always been way too scared to do them free hand, but today I gave it a go and wow. I love it!! (This is also the best gold ever, as previously stated in another post. I did two coats of gold on the tips, but one coat covered 90%. 

Ze close-up:

 Me adoring this manicure: lol

Do you free-hand your tips? And if so, do you swipe across the whole nail or do two lines that meet in the middle?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Need Sunglasses? I do!

Polishes used:
Need Sunglasses?- OPI
Red Flare- Orly

I have been eyeballing Need Sunglasses for AGES and came across it on a blog sale. Naturally I scooped it up. I luuuurv it. Added some wispy red stripes with a long art brush for a little more pop.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Some polish humor...

I saw these on Pinterest a little while ago and decided to share them on the blog. I peed my pants at most of these, just so true. Enjoy!

Here is the original site.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Brown and Gold Glitter Gradient

Polishes used:
Charmed By A Snake- OPI
As Gold As It Gets- Essie
Disco Gold- Love And Beauty

I am quite depressed to find myself drawn more and more to warm autumn colours, I'm just not ready for summer to end yet. Charmed By A Snake is a beautiful neutral with a slight gold shimmer. I kicked it up a notch by adding a layer of Gold as it Gets to half my nail from the cuticle and two coats of Disco Gold which is a fun mix of hexagonal and tiny dot gold glitter, also to only half the nail. Very happy with how it turned out. Very classy, very work appropriate. : )

You can buy it off the Forever 21 website.

Ze close-up:

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunny Leopard

Polishes used:
Wanna Be Your Sunshine- Essence
LA-Pazitively Hot- OPI
Black Konad Stamping polish

A bright summer leopard print. Pattern done with a toothpick. : )

I won a nail art contest!!

So the Lacquerologist was having a 6 month Blog-aversary nail art contest, and I threw in a submition that fit her criteria. Much to my surprise I was one of two chosen winners! (My prize is a bottle of the oh-so-stunning OPI Extravagance which I can't wait to try.)

Here is my award winning manicure:

The original post is here and has a quick how-to.

Please take a minute and check out the other entries as well, there are some great manicures and lots of inspiration!

Orange and White Shatter

 Polishes used:
Sweet Clementine- Maybelline
Whirlwind White- Sally Hansen
Your Royal Shine-Ness- OPI
White Konad Stamping Polish
Bundle Monster plate #208

I fell in LOVE with this orange, I wish I had a picture of it by itself. It's the first time I tried a Maybelline polish, and it was pretty perfect. Good consistency, great application. (And a dang good price!)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sailor Stripes

 Polishes used:
Chic- Revlon
Fashionista- Revlon
Absolutely Shore- Essie

A very simple tape manicure, and I love how it turned out, almost no bleeding of colours either! I used Revlon Chic and my base colour, Fashionista on the tips and Absolutely Shore for the pale strip in the middle.

 Here is what the tape job looked like.

Thanks for reading!