Saturday, 25 August 2012

Burgundy + Gold Tips!

Polishes used:
Royal Rajah Ruby- OPI
Glitz & Glamor- Orly

I'm pretty uncreative when it comes to tips, and I have always been way too scared to do them free hand, but today I gave it a go and wow. I love it!! (This is also the best gold ever, as previously stated in another post. I did two coats of gold on the tips, but one coat covered 90%. 

Ze close-up:

 Me adoring this manicure: lol

Do you free-hand your tips? And if so, do you swipe across the whole nail or do two lines that meet in the middle?


  1. That's a pretty combo. You did a great job with the tips!

  2. I swipe from both sides and meet in the middle. Sometimes I cheat and use the Konad French tip plate.

  3. This is beautiful. I actually lay the brush on my nail and roll my for me!!! Very nice mani...classy looking!!

    1. This is what I found was working the best for me too. Especially when I was doing my right hand since my left hand is so wimpy! lol

  4. I am the self imposed queen of the funky! HAHAHAH In my own mind of course and I am loving this! The colors scream ME! I do free hand my tips, I turn the brush sideways-the opposite of what you do to polish your nails and it wraps the tips at the same time