Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Whimsical Mist

Polishes used:
Aqua Mist With a Twist- Misa (Two coats)
Whimsical- Revlon (Two coats)

It was hard getting any colour out of these puppies, even after 2 coats of Aqua Mist and two coats of Whimsical. (But that's what you get when you do sheer polish over sheer polish I guess.) Anyhoo, I still really likes the final result, it was very pretty and dainty. :)


  1. It's definitely dainty, super cute!

  2. Really love this color~
    I got one too and my sister put 8 coats on to achieve what you've got.
    8 coats....crazy....took her 5 hours to air dry them.