Sunday, 15 April 2012

Orange with Red and Black Tips

Polishes Used:

Make Mine Mango- Revlon
Burgundy Flirt- Rimmel
Black- Art Deco 

So this manicure started by taping the tips with two reinforcement stickers to get a nice pointed curve with the red. (I REALLY loved this look.)


1. Paint your nails and allow to dry completely.

2. Cut a reinforcement in half and stick it to the tip of your nail so that the point is in the middle of your nail bed.

3. Paint a thick coat of polish along the tip. Allow to dry for 10 seconds and gently peel off the reinforcement.


I then used a black art polish (the really long thin brushes) and tried to make it pop a little more. 

I will probably try this one again with different colours. 


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