Friday, 9 November 2012

The Man With The Golden Gun- OPI

Polishes used:
Black Satin- Rimmel
The Man With The Golden Gun-OPI (2 coats)

In celebration of one of the most successful movie franchises in history, I bring you OPI's The Man With The Golden Gun, as today is the North American release date of the latest installment "Skyfall".

While I had no initial intentions of purchasing this bottle, I saw is yesterday and caved. Hard. If you haven't heard of this polish yet, it is a gold flecked top coat made with actual 18 karat gold. Here in Canada this bottle retails for a cool $30, and I figured that as a self proclaimed polish addict it would be a really great collectors item to have. (And as a collector I had a hard time even opening the box!)

Ze close-up:

It really is the ultimate luxury polish.....

Have you or do you plan on purchasing this bottle? Will you be seeing the ever-so-sexy Daniel Craig new James Bond film Skyfall?


  1. GORGEOUS! But dude, I'd never pay for real gold on my nails :-/ Only on my fingers ;-) *hinthintboyfriend*

  2. I want this polish!!! It is beautiful ;)